Figs of Kymi All Natural Dried Greek White Figs, 9 oz

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Figs of Kymi All Natural Dried Greek White Figs, 9 oz

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"Kymi Fig" is a traditional product acknowledged by the European Union, as a product with Protected Name of Origin (P.N.O). It is a traditional product, exclusively produced in the area of Kymi, a small town of the Evia Island. For the production are used 25.000 fig trees of the local variety. The characteristics of the local fig fruit demand a special procedure for its production and drying-up. The fig tree of Kymi does not have many natural enemies and therefore does not need any special cultivation technique or care. For this reason, the fig tree is not submit to agricultural spraying and its fertilization is basically organic. The packing is made manually, due to the particular nature of the final product, without the use of preservatives, in order to keep the natural and special character of the "Kymi Figs"
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Country of Origin Greece