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Fratelli Pinna
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Fratelli Pinna Brigante Italian Cheese, Sold by the Pound

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Brigante is crafted with the freshest sheep’s milk on the exotic Mediterranean isle of Sardinia. Legend says that ancient shepherds made young Brigante by pressing curds into woven baskets. To honor the legend, Pinna forms Brigante in basket weave molds. Cured for only 20-30 days, this semi-soft cheese has a mild flavor and buttery texture. The cheese imparts a fresh milky aroma and its flavor has hints of herbs. The rind is light brown and is covered by a natural coating which guards against mold while allowing the cheese to continue to mature.

Fratelli Pinna Brigante Italian Cheese, Sold by the Pound

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Country of Origin Italy
Region Sardinia
Preparation Brigante is a versatile table and cooking cheese. It can be sliced for sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres, melted in frittatas, shredded on pasta or salads, or paired with fruit or vegetables. Flavorful enough to stand up to all but the fullest bodied red wines, Brigante cheese has become one of Italy’s most popular sheep’s milk table cheeses.

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