Fratelli Pinna Medoro Italian Cheese, Sold by the Pound

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Fratelli Pinna Medoro Italian Cheese, Sold by the Pound

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Medoro is a Pecorino Sardo Maturo, translating as an aged sheep???s milk cheese. Crafted on the exotic Mediterranean isle of Sardinia, Italy, it is one of the five distinctive varieties of Pecorino cheese protected by law, which received DOP (designated origin of production) status in 1996. Medoro has an intense aroma and rich flavor; typical of traditional Sardinian cheese. Aged a minimum of 120 days, the reddish-brown outside rind is rubbed with olive oil throughout the curing process. The texture is hard, almost granular and the cheese has a complex flavor that is sweet, nutty, and herbaceous. Hints of caramel offset a slight sharpness.
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Country of Origin Italy
Region Sardinia
Preparation Medoro is an extremely versatile and ideal table and cooking cheese. It compliments antipasto, panini, baked pasta dishes, vegetables, and soups. As a dessert it can be shaved onto ice cream or matched with pears, sweet grapes, or dried fruits.