Say "Cheese" Appetizer 2

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Say "Cheese" Appetizer 2

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A Gourmet Cheese sampler  for an evening of intimacy with the one you love.
Average weight of each cheese sampler 6 to 9 oz total 2 lb.

Pecorino Nero

Enigmatic and fascinating for its color, Pecorino Nero is in truth, a soft,aged around thirty day, with a milky-white body and a delicate but at the same time tangy taste that only the sheep's milk from Balze Volterrane can confer to the cheese.



Crotonese is an all natural 100% sheep's milk Italian cheese artiginally made in wicker baskets. This cheese exhibits a truly distinctive flavor-it can be described as a cross between a Parmigiano and Pecorini Romano. Delicious for eating as well shaving and grating.



Montasio is an Italian cheese made from 100% fresh cows milk. This cheese is aged 60-90 days, its flavor is mellow with a full-flavored finish.



Sicilian Caciocavallo is the original fron Sicily, in block form, this cow's milk Italian cheese aged 3months (fresh) and over 6 months (aged) Ragusano. When young Caciocavallo is mildly sharp and used as a table cheese.


Pane Carasatu Crackers.
Cheeseboard w/ Cheese Knife.

Accompanied by an Accademia Barilla Jelly as a compliment.


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