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Tomasello Bronze Die Fettuccine Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, 16 oz (Pack of 4)

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Tomasello pasta is produced in the gulf of Casteldaccia, exactly in the same old place where its fascinating history began over a thousand years ago. Tomasello still follows its timeless tradition, using the purest water of the Madonie wildlife reserve and the sun-kissed grains of the Simeto Valley, ancient wheat fields of the Roman Empire. The traditional, artisan method of producing Italian pasta is to use dies or plates made of bronze. As the dough is slowly fed through, the dies, some of which are over 100 years old, the resulting shape takes on the individual character of each die. Pasta made using bronze dies will be rougher in texture and whiter in color. A rough texture is desired as it will capture and enable sauce to cling for a much tastier eating experience.

Tomasello Bronze Die Fettuccine Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, 16 oz (Pack of 4)

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Country of Origin Italy
Region Sicily
Ingredients Durum wheat somlina, niacin, iron lactate, thiamine mononitrate, roboflavin, folic acid.
Preparation Add pasta to salted boiling water (for each 1/4 lb. of pasta use 1 qt. of water). Stir and continue boiling for the time indicated on package (10-12 min). Taste and drain. Do not rinse. Serve immediately.
Allergens Contains Wheat.

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