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Beretta Express Polenta 1 lb

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To cook polenta, a traditional Northern Italian dish of cornflour porridge, nowadays is very easy. The gran Polenta Express Beretta is a very quick easy to use product. It's natural, because it containts no preservatives and no additives. It's a quick cooking corn flour, made only from first - rate corn flour, that keeps for a long term of validity. Furhtermore, this quick cooking corn flour guarantees a great success in your cooking, its a very tasty and natural dish, ready in 5-6 minutes. Gran Polenta Express Beretta is particularly suitable for restaurants and for "singles" because its quick cooking helps to obtain in a few minutes, very small portions, even individual. This porridge is excellent served hot with "gorgonzola" cheese, or braised meat. Cold it can be cut into 1/2 inch slices and fried in olive oil. It can also be put into the oven the day after, cut in slices with layers of mozzaerla cheese and little virgin olive oil. An excellent dish high in fiber content.

Beretta Express Polenta 1 lb

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Country of Origin Italy

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