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Idiazabal Smoked DOP Cheese - Sold by the Pound

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Idiazabal is one of Spains all-star cheeses. Besides its interesting geographical positioning (it bumps heads with its French brebis neighbors), what is exciting about Idiazabal is its delightful balance of smoke and sheep. The edible rind is tanned from smoke, but also serves as a shell to protect the paste from overbearing, smoky flavors. The sweet, buttery sheep blends with traces of well -worn chimney stones and fresh chopped wood. This hardy cheese is made to be ripened for a long period, but can be enjoyed at many stages. It is made of whole, unpasteurized milk from the Lacha or Carranzana breeds of sheep   milks that have high acidity and low fat. Idiazabal is coagulated with natural young lambs rennet which gives it a slight piquancy

Idiazabal Smoked DOP Cheese - Sold by the Pound

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Country of Origin Spain

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