Italian Salami Antipasto and Gourmet Treats Basket

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The Italian Meats and Gourmet Treats Basket is loaded with an assortment of delicious and fresh Italian meats, cheeses, antipasto, and MORE! This gift is perfect for those who enjoy the rich, savory flavors of Italian cuisine. Basket Includes: 1 Barbero Grisini, 1 Daniele Capocollo, 1 Daniele Mortadella, 1 Daniele Italian Dry Sausage, 1 Daniele Sopresata, 1 Daniele Baby Genoa, 1 Consurzo Aceto Balsamico 8.4oz, 1 Mediterranea Baby Artichokes in Oil, 1 Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, 1 Don Pomodoro Bruschetta Topping, 1 Sharp Provolone, 1 La Piana Bell Pepper and Eggplant Spread, 1 box Cantuccione Cookies