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Acetaia Leonardi
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Acetaia Leonardi "Gold Seal" Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 8.45 oz

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Oro (Gold)-Gorgeous texture.  Smooth, sweet and creamy.  With delicate flavors of oak and cherry.  Delicious on grilled vegetables and pasta, as well as drizzled over desserts such as panna cotta and gelato.  250 ml/8.45 oz  

Founded in 1871 in Magreta di Formigne, a few miles north of the town of Modena, the Acetaia Leonardi is run by Giovanni Leonardi and his son, Francesco. The Leonardi's respect for tradition, their skill and their dedication to the art of aceto balsamico result in vinegars consistently rated outstanding within the consortium.

These three balsamics are based on Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape must from Modena.   The must is cooked in an open vat for approximately 30 hours to reduce and intensify it.  At this point the must is placed in oak barrels with a mother vinegar base which starts the fermentation and acidification process.  The young balsamic is then blended with 10% red wine vinegar produced by the Leonardi family.  The barrels are left open with only delicate fabric covering the opening to allow the must to evaporate and oxidize.  The intense summer heat completes the process.   The vinegar is rotated and aged in a series of different wood barrels including oak, chestnut, cherry, ash, and mulberry. 

Acetaia Leonardi "Gold Seal" Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 8.45 oz

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Country of Origin Italy

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