Leonardo Carassai Linguine Di Campofilone - 8.8 oz

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Leonardo Carassai Linguine Di Campofilone - 8.8 oz

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Linguine: Typical cut most commonly served with pesto, clam or other fish sauces. The Leonardo Carassai family has been in the milling business since 1850, subsequently branching out to become one of the few artisanal pasta companies in Campofilone. Today, Leonardo Carassai, one of the few producers of this Campofilone delicacy, follows the rigorous traditional methods and recipe to make the dough, using only carefully selected premium-quality soft wheat flour, durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. The company still uses the old-fashioned bronze wire-drawing method to prepare the different cuts, which are then dried very slowly at low temperatures, giving the pasta its rough texture ideal for better sauce absorption. This is why Carassai Pasta has a unique flavor and it is super light, making it easy to digest. The Leonardo Carassai Pasta di Campofilone is not just pasta, it is a delicacy. Deci'Ova means "ten eggs" In fact, the original recipe of the Maccheroncini di Campofilone calls for 10 eggs per each kilogram of soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina. They are the only ingredients used to make this delicacy, a pasta with a unique wholesome flavor and very light on your digestive system.
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Country of Origin Italy
Preparation First of all, the Leonardo Carassai Pasta di Campofilone cooks in 4–5 minutes. Second, since this premium-quality pasta is made only with eggs, soft wheat flour, durum wheat semolina and nothing else, when it cooks it yields a premium result: 100% more pasta than before cooking. Thus, the Leonardo Carassai Pasta is not just delicious but also a great value.
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The pasta of Campofilone was renowned traditionally among the richest and most powerful families in Italy, as it is today among food lovers the world over, because no other pasta offers such distinctive features and premium quality.

These thin strings of pasta, golden like the sun, are delicious with any kind of sauce, and thanks to its porous texture, the sauces cling to it to form a deliciously unique gourmet experience.

Bring a large amount of water to a boil. Add the pasta (and salt if desired). Stir gently once the pasta softens. When cooked (4–5 minutes), pour into a large bowl and add any of your favorite sauces. Enjoy! Watch the video!