L'Estornell Farga Aragon Olives 12 oz

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Cultivated in Spain for thousands of years, the olive and its oil is the basic to food culture of the Mediterranean earth's most body friendly cuisine. L'Estornell's varietal olives, like L"estornell oils and Garnacha wine vinegar, are prepared under the watchful eye of a VEA family member, olive farmers for four generations. Enjoy L'Estornell olives as appetizers, in cocktails, salads, vegetable mixes, spreads, to flavor butter, baked bread and cream cheese, to sance pasta rice, chicken, fish, beans and veal dishes. Hand-picked varietal olives from the Province of Aragon, Spain. Deep brown, mottled skin, tender flesh. Ingredients: Farga Aragon olives, water and salt.