Lucini Tuscan Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 8.5 oz

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Celebrating the heat and piquant flavors characteristic of coastal Italian recipes, Lucini Fiery Chili Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made using only the most cared-for Italian olives pressed and infused with spicy Tuscan red chilis. This signature estate flavor profile has a velvety mouthfeel to even the very hot spice of chili. Cooks who rely on high-quality extra virgin olive oil for its singular ability to enhance the flavors and aromas of food will enjoy adding flavor dimension to favorite recipes. Balanced, not overpowering, this step-saving artisan oil is healthful addition to any pantry. Use Tuscan Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil for sautes, eggs or grilled chicken. Drizzle on fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Essential oil from fresh Tuscan basil.