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Manouri Greek Traditional Gourmet Cheese 7 oz

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Soft Greek Cheese. P.D.O certified.
Manouri: Another Greek whey cheese, Manouri is exclusively produced in central and western Macedonia and in Thessalia. Made from pure sheep's or goat's milk or a blend thereof, its creamy texture comes from the addition of milk and/or cream early in the cheese making process. Manouri is a soft, spreadable cheese with a texture similar to French Chevre, but with a uniquely Greek tang.
Typical uses for manouri cheese include:
Spanikopita, the spinach cheese dish made with layers of phyllo dough and typically including a blend of cheeses, such as feta, anthotyro and manouri
Kalitsounia, sweet pastries from Crete
Savory cheese pies, including those served for Easter—a custard pie made with a blend of cheese which may include feta, manouri, kefalotyri, or parmesan
In the dressing called brinza
Served with fresh fruit slices, honey, and toasted walnuts
As a salad garnish particularly for salads of beans, eggplant, or tomatoes
As a desert cheese.
As a pasta topping.

Manouri Greek Traditional Gourmet Cheese 7 oz

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Country of Origin Greece

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