Smithfield Cooked Whole Turkey and Whole Spiral Ham Combination - 10 & 16-18 lbs

Smithfield Cooked Whole Turkey and Whole Spiral Ham Combination - 10 & 16-18 lbs

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Unbelievable moist and succulent, this fully cooked Whole Smoked Turkey exudes the subtle flavors that come from hardwood hickory smoking. It arrives ready to slice, serve and eat. Our honey cured Genuine Virginia Ham is fully cooked, spiral sliced and ready to enjoy. Together, these two delicious meats form an unforgettable duo of classic Southern taste. Weights: Whole Turkey is 10 lb Avg. and Whole Spiral Ham is 16-18 lbs.

The Genuine Smithfield Ham is Americas original artisan ham dry salt cured country style and aged for 6-12 months.There is no comparison to the robust flavor of a Luters Artisan Genuine Smithfield Ham. No other ham can be called a Genuine Smithfield unless it is made in the town limits of Smithfield, Virginia and made according to the strict guidelines set forth many years ago. And there are actually laws to govern this. But what you will notice most is the longer shank and the stronger flavor due to the curing process which involves hand rubbing with salt, coating with black pepper, and curing for up to a year. Combined with gentle hardwood smoking, this process yields a ham with the rich smokehouse flavor we often call The Grandaddy of Country Hams. Enjoy!

Both of our country-cured hams are available uncooked to add your own special touches, or fully cooked in our kitchens for your convenience. Fully cooked hams are prepared many ways to suit your needs bone-in, boneless natural-shape or deli-style, trimmed or untrimmed, spiral sliced, and whole or halves. We also offer a variety of sliced ham packages for further convenience and ease of storage.

Luters Artisan or Olde World Country Cure, whichever you prefer... if it says Smithfield, you can be assured youve chosen the very best.
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