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Strong and spicy in flavor, Frantoio, is made with 65% Frantoio Olives, 25% Moraiolo Olives, 10% Leccino Olives. This extra virgin olive oil is textured and bold with a raw and unfiltered flavor that holds very fruity, artichoke and fresh herb undertones with a slight bitter finish. Frantoio is the name of the machine that was traditionally used to crush the olives in order to extract the olive oil. Use this oil for bruschetta, salads, vegetables, dressings or marinades.

Each bottle of Melchiorri olive oil is derived from hand-picked olives of the Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Leccino olive trees. The Umbrian climate is particularly favorable for harvesting some of Italy’s most distinguished olives for oil pressing. Following an ancient tradition, the olives are crushed by means of a granite millstone, achieving extra virgin olive oil after the first cold press.