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Iliada Organic Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17.1fl oz


The Iliada organic extra virgin olive oil is pressed fromkoroneiki olives, and from groves located on the South Peloponnese, on the east side of Kalamata. The olives are harvested by hand from November to January and are cold pressed mainly in the traditional manner. Smooth, fresh, and full-bodied, Iliada organic extra virgin olive oil is the purest and most delicious oil available.

Iliada Organic Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17.1fl oz

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  • Iliada Organic Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17.1fl oz
Manufacturer Part Number 420408
Country of Origin Greece
Preparation This fruit and flavored extra virgin olive oil with a fresh aroma is perfect for salads, bread baking and tossing with pasta.
Lifestyle Information Organic
Product Specifications The organic olive oil is produced according to the international standards and regulations for the organic farming, (Regulation 2092/91 of the E.U.) and under BIO HELLAS supervision.

Our growers cold press their harvest without the use of chemicals or preservatives. We choose the best Greek olives with a naturally low acidity and from the region of Kalamata in Peloponessos, the city which is famous for it's products of olives and olive oil. We invite you to visit our establishments in Kalamata, to enjoy the blue sky and sea of Greece, to taste the excellent quality of our product.

Over 3000 years ago, the Greeks developed the production of fine olive oil. Their oil was produced in abundance was exported to the rest of the civilized world. There has been little change since the days of Alexander the Great. Iliada is the taste of the Golden Age of Greek civilization, still the finest the world has to offer!

Olive oil, a literal storehouse of vitamins (high vitamin E content), has beneficiary effects on all bodily functions: brain development, bone structure, bialy secretions, and digestive system. Contrary to common beliefe, its caloric value is no higher than all other oil (~9 Kcal/gram).
  1. History of Greek Olive Oil Exports Review by peter

    Greece’s history in producing olive oil dates back to 3500BC while the first exports are reported to be around the 3rd century BC to neighboring countries.
    Greece is the 3rd largest producer of olive oil in the world after Spain and Italy with an average production of 309.000 tones every year.
    Greek olive oil exports are part of Greece’s identity and a vital contributor to the country’s economy. (Posted on 6/13/14)

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