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Acetaia Leonardi
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Acetaia Leonardi Saba Dressing Balsamic 16.9 oz

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The production of this saba is personally overseen by Giovanni Leonardi, the owner of Acetaia Leonardi. He and his family control every step of saba production, from selecting the finest grapes to directing the slow cooking of the must, in the same time-honored way their family has done since 1871.

Simmered for 24 hours in open vats over an open flame, saba is the sweet reduction of grape must. It’s the same must used for making the base of balsamic vinegar, except cooked down even more, to about one-third its original volume. Leonardi takes the extra care to age his saba for four years. The result is a pure, sweet, syrupy expression of the trebbiano and lambrusco grapes. (Balsamic vinegar, in contrast, contains only the trebbiano grape.) With a wonderful fruity character and a hint of acidity, saba has notes of ripe grapes, sweet plums, and raisins.

We welcome you to carry on this Italian culinary tradition and serve saba at your next meal. With its deliciously complex flavors, saba can be used with a wide variety of sweet and savory foods.

250 ml/500 ml/750 ml

Recipe and Serving Suggestions:

• Glaze grilled chicken by brushing saba on several times during cooking.
• Combine with shallots, extra-virgin olive oil, vegetable stock and halved grapes to make a sauce for roasted or grilled fish.
• Use in marinades.
• Substitute saba for vinegar for a flavorful variation on traditional vinaigrette.
• Pour on panna cotta.
• Drizzle over cheesecake or ice cream.

Acetaia Leonardi Saba Dressing Balsamic 16.9 oz

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Country of Origin Italy

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