Frantoio di Sommaia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoio di Sommaia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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For nearly 200 years, the Martini Bernardi family has been producing extra virgin olive oil from their frantoio close Florence, known as Frantoio di Sommania. The bernardi's are careful to harvest the olives by hand just as the greencolor begins to darken. The olives are crushed ina stone press, then the oil is separated using a slow-speed centrifuge. Region: Calenzano, Tuscany. Olives varieties: Appenine grown varieties. Unfiltered, Gorgeous, archetypal deep greencolor, remarkably clear. Big olive aroma with artichoke highlights. Rustic and complex, apurgent oil with personality. Rich and buttery mouth-feel.
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Country of Origin Italy
Region Tuscany