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Selezione Tartufi
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Selezione Tartufi White Truffle Sunflower Oil 8.8 oz

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One of the best ways to obtain a near perfect truffle flavor and aroma without the financial burden of a fresh truffle, is truffle oil A good truffle oil achieves the result of a round a nd harmonious truffle flavor with a very small amount and to a very contained price. Only the highest quality natural aromas are used in our truffle and procini oils. One touch of our truffle or porcini oil will transform any dish! This product is made from the highest quality olives and sunflower seeds and offer a concentrated and clean truffle or porcini flavor. This truffle oil is made by combining the smooth taste of sunflower seed oil and the bold flavor of white truffles. The end result is an all natural, light oil with an intense rich truffle aroma. fantastic drizzled over pasta or risotto dishes, fish, popcorn, meats or in dressing with olive oil is too overpowering.

Selezione Tartufi White Truffle Sunflower Oil 8.8 oz

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Country of Origin Italy

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