Black Seaweed Caviar

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Black Seaweed Caviar

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This caviar is made from seaweed and can be used exactly as real caviar, in both hot and cold dishes. Organic caviar is a vegetarian, cholesterol-free product with a fresh taste and crispy consistency. Not only is Seaweed caviar very tasty, but it has numerous health benefits as well. Seaweed is fat free and helps reduce cholesterol. Loaded with antibiotic properties, helps counteract obesity, strengthens bones, teeth, kidneys, nervous system and aids in the digestion process. As one of the most nutritious foods, higher in vitamins and minerals than all other vegetables and is an excellent sources of calcium. This caviar is especially suitable for the decoration of sandwiches, pasta courses, fish courses, soups and whatever your table needs perfect for those in the Food Service Industry. Organic caviar is environmentally friendly; since only a small percent of the seaweed growth is harvested each year this product does NOT contribute to the depletion of the fish stock in the seas.
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