Arosis Dry Giant Beans

Arosis Dry Giant Beans

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Since 1956, Arosis is producing, selecting and processing the highest quality of greek pulses. Our extensive know-how, 3 generations experience and state of the art technology do the rest. Around the lake of Kastoria, we produce the excellent White Gigantes-Elefantes Beans, some of the most delicious, thin skinned and easy to boil dry beans of the world. Gigantes Elefantes dry bean are recognized as P.G.I products (products with Protected Geographical indication) from the European Union. Recipes can be found at
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Product Information

Country of Origin Greece
Preparation Place the dry beans in a pan and add some water as to cover them. Let them soak for about 10 to 12 hours. After soaking them remove all the floating beans. Rinse well with water. Then cook them. Add salt always at the end. Cooking time: Saucepan 2 hours. Pressure cooker 1 hour.
Storage Preserve in a cool dry place, avoiding exposure to humidity and to direct sunlight.
Additional Information Recipes can be found at