PastaCheese Cheese Sampler #2

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Half pound of each Gorgonzola Dolce - Gorgonzola Dolce is one of the world's great cheeses. This cow's milk cheese is a soft green veined Italian cheese with a unique taste. Ca De Ambros Taleggio - Ca De Ambros Taleggio is a soft D.O.C. cow's milk Italian cheese, square in shape with a reddish brown washed rind and on off white slightly yellowish interior. Buffalo Mozzarella - Buffalo Mozzarella is a fresh, stringy cheese made from buffalo milk. This Italian cheese is porcelain-white in color and extra mild flavor. Ricotta Salata - Ricotta Salata, this is an Italian cheese made from 100% sheep's milk. This Italian cheese is a semi-soft form or hard which is mostly used for grating.