Pecorino Nero - Sold by the pound

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Pecorino Nero - Sold by the pound

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Enigmatic and fascinating for its color, Pecorino Nero is in truth, a soft, aged around thirty day, with a milky-white body and a delicate but at the same time tangy taste that only the sheep's milk from Balze Volterrane can confer to the cheese. Pecorino Re Nero is an Italian, pasteurized, sheep’s milk cheese. Produced by the Il Forteto Cooperative in the Tuscan town of Mugello, Pecorino Re Nero is semi-hard in texture and ivory colored in appearance and is covered with a thin black wax coating.  This cheese was traditionally made using dark ash and olive sediment to create its coating. This cheese is aged for three months with a nutty and salty flavor and a rustic and herbaceous finish. 

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