Your Privacy is our Priority

The Basics:

Our only purpose at is to sell our gourmet products to our customers. We will not, under any circumstances, engage in the selling, trading, or use of your personal information. Any information you give to us will be held with care and will not be used in ways that you have not openly consented to. All sensitive information you provide on this website will be secured via industry standard SSL encryption software to our secure online databases. Phone orders may be kept on a local server which is kept secure both physically and virtually.

Before Anything, Verify Who We Are!

You provide us with personal information in one of three locations on the website. Those areas are:

  1. Registration Page
  2. Checkout Page
  3. My Dashboard

If you are asked to provide any sensitive personal information, please ensure that the following requirements are met before submitting:

  • Verify that the page you are on are one of the three listed above.
  • Verify that the website you are on is
  • Verify that the SSL Encryption is active, verified by both a padlock in your address bar, and the inclusion of https:// at the beggining of the URL instead of http://.

If the above are not met for any reason, do not submit any personal information and contact us at 800-386-9198 for assistance.

What Information We Gather: is the sole owner of all of the information gathered on this website. We will not sell, share, trade, or use any of this information, except as outlined in the policy. 

  • During the registration page, we only collect your first and last name, your e-mail address, and require a password of your choice so that you may access your account in the future.
  • Our checkout page is streamlined to one page and allows you to also register at the same time. On this page, we collect your billing and shipping information(if applicable), payment information, telephone numbers, e-mail address, and require a password of your choice so that you may access your account in the future.
  • In the 'My Dashboard', there are subsections that allow you to add, edit, or delete all information associated to your account.

Any information we collect is used for the sole purpose of processing orders and to supply you with order confirmations and tracking updates.
Who We Share Your Information With:

At any time, we may share a limited amount of your shipping information, which includes your name, address, telephone, and e-mail address with FedEx, UPS, USPS and/or any third-party drop ship companies to allow an order to be fulfilled and shipped.

To process your payment, we transfer all payment information to our payment processor, Your information is processed and stored directly on's secure servers (Payment CIM) and is never stored on our servers, and instead, we store a token id which is given to us by and links to your specific payment information.

Your e-mail may be used to send out promotional and marketing information from All e-mails you receive from us will include an opt-out/unsubscribe button at the bottom, which will easily allow for instant removal from our database. If you are not satisfied, you can always contact us at 800-386-9198 or through our online contact form for further assistance.

The Security We Use To Protect Your Information:

We use the industry standard SSL encryption. At the most basic level, it is a piece of software installed on the server which encrypts all information moving in and out. This means it is secured so that no one other than the intended recipient can see or intercept that information.

Our SSL includes the highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256 bit encryption issued by Comodo, recognized by 99.9% of all desktop and mobile browsers.

Cookies. What Are They?

Cookies are small files of data stored on your computer. The data contained in these files is not anything that will personally identify you, but it will track any of the following: IP address, actions you have taken on our website, such as adding logging in to your account, products that have been added to your cart, and information supplied during the checkout process.

Our website requires that cookies be enabled in your browser to shop and process an order online. If you insist on having cookies disabled, be aware that you can still browse our product catalog with no issues.

What We Do If We Change This Policy: may change/edit/remove any parts of this policy at any time.

LAST UPDATED May 20TH, 2015 at 10:00AM