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Veal cutlets
Garlic (minced)
Asparagus (chopped)
Instant polenta
Mixed mushrooms (cleaned)
"Prosciutto cotto"/ cooked ham slices
Swiss cheese slices
Seasoned breadcrumbs
Seasonello Fine Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
White wine
Organic Balsamic Glaze


On the slices of veal, place some slices of both the cooked ham and swiss cheese. Roll up the slices and seal them closed with a tooth pick. Lightly brush the outsides with some EVOO and roll them in seasoned bread crumbs until completely covered. Put all the rolls you have created in a baking dish and sprinkle them with just a little white wine. Bake them at 375 for 20 minutes. Separately take a sauté pan and coat with EVOO. Add in garlic cook at medium heat until garlic is golden, then add in the mushrooms and asparagus. If the asparagus are thicker you may want to cut off the firm ends and blanch them quickly until soft. The thinner ones can go right into the sauté pan. Season the mushrooms and asparagus with a few pinches of salt and splash some white wine in with them. 10 minutes over medium heat (or until all vegetables have softened) and your vegetables are ready.

For the polenta bring 1 and 1/3 cup of salted water to a boil (you can use chicken stock instead if you like for a little more flavor). Add in about 1/4 cup of the instant polenta in the water and keep stirring over medium heat until the polenta thickens to a pudding like consistency. Towards the end you can stir in some good quality EVOO to the polenta for some additional flavor. Eventually you can layer your serving dish or plate with the polenta. Once the veal rolls have cooked, you can place them on top of the polenta, removing the tooth pick gently not to break the roll, prior to plating.

Lastly you can spoon the vegetables evenly atop both the rolls and polenta. You can then drizzle the organic Balsamic glaze delicately over the whole dish for finish. Feel free to use a fresh herb such as sage or rosemary for a garnish. Enjoy!