Saveurs Extra Large Helix Escargot Appetizer Kit, 18 count - 8 oz

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These tender Helix Escargots are fully cooked and need only be warmed in a sauce such as a sweet butter with finely chopped shallow, garlic, and dry white wine. How to Become an Escargot Chef- Easy! Rinse escargots meats. Over low heat warm 1/4 lb. salted or unsalted butter, saute 2 minced shallots, and 3 minced garlic cloves. Add 1/4 cup white wine and let cook until alcohol evaporates. Stir in 1/4 cup finely diced parsley. Fill 1/2 of each shell with sauce, insert one escargot meat, and top each shell with more sauce. Place filled shells on a cookie sheet, heat in a 350* oven for 15 minutes or until bubbling. Serve with crusty bread and crisp white wine. Use toothpicks or lobster forks to remove escargot meats from the shell. Bon Appetit!