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Say "Cheese" Appetizer 3

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A Gourmet Cheese sampler  for an evening of intimacy with the one you love.

Average weight of each cheese sampler 6 to 9 oz total 2 lb.


Crotonese is an all natural 100% sheep's milk Italian cheese artiginally made in wicker baskets. This cheese exhibits a truly distinctive flavor-it can be described as a cross between a Parmigiano and Pecorini Romano. Delicious for eating as well shaving and grating.


Pecorino Sardo Aged   

Sardo is a sheep's milk cheese, it can be eaten fresh semi-soft or matured hard. The savory flavor of this Italian cheese becomes stronger with age.

Briscole al Barbera        Cow's Milk & Barbera wine

This caciotta is bathed in Barbera wine, giving iti a tart, fruity flavor. Briscole is an exquisite, handmade specialty item that can be enjoyed both, before or after a meal.


Pecorino Gran Cru    

Fragrant with notes of herbs and wild Sardinian flowers. It is sweet, delicate, with bouquet of fresh sheep milk and meadow herbs.


Pane Carasatu Crackers.

Pastacheese Cheeseboard w/ Cheese Knife.

Accompanied by an Accademia Barilla Jelly as a compliment.

Say "Cheese" Appetizer 3

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  • Say "Cheese" Appetizer 3
  • Say "Cheese" Appetizer 3

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