Cipriani Food Acacia Blossom Honey - 3.53 oz

Cipriani Food Acacia Blossom Honey - 3.53 oz

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The oldest and most wide spread sweetener, produced naturally by a perfect symbiosis between bees and flowers of every kind, this honey could not be missing in the range of sweet products offered by Cipriani. It has been known for thousands of years, especially in Italy, a country with temperate climates and varied flora. Nature provides us with various honeys, according to the crystallization period: from a few weeks to a year, for acacia and chestnut honey. The work of a beekeeper observing the bees, nature, the places, the weather and the seasons, is complex and learned. Then comes the harvesting, the processing and the preservation. Arrigo Cipriani has chosen three honeys from among the many available: Acacia, Linden, Chestnut. Acacia: this has a clear color and the taste of spring flowers. The runniest of the honeys, it stays runny for a long time because it is rich in fructose. Linden: this has a light amber hue and an aromatic fragrance. Its flavour has a hint of mint and it crystallizes as granules. Chestnut: this has an amber hue, with fruity allusions. It is slightly bitter and rich in pollen and mineral salts. It has an intense fragrance.
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