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Urbani Truffles
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Urbani White Truffle Butter, 8oz

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Congratulations, you have just purchased the finest Truffle Butter in the world. We are the Urbani Family, the first and most trusted name in the Truffle business. We control the product from the hunt to the shelf, the only company to do so. Our process assures that you will receive the best Truffle products nature has to offer.
To make truffle butter, cooks ideally use a high quality creamery butter that is as fresh as possible. They carefully wash and brush one or more truffles to remove residual dirt, and then chop it into very fine pieces. The pieces are blended into the butter, along with any juice that they have secreted, and then the butter is chilled. Typically, the resulting product is quite strong, with an intense flavor that requires careful use so that it does not become overwhelming.
There are a number of ways to use truffle butter. Some use it as the base for sauces, for example, or as a basting material on roasting meats. It can also be used to prepare things like omelets, or it can be served on the side with a dish as a garnish. It is also possible to use the butter in things like mashed potatoes; basically, it can be used in any savory dish that calls for butter.

Urbani White Truffle Butter, 8oz

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Country of Origin Italy
Preparation Finish a grilled steak with a pat of Truffle Butter just before serving. Truffle Butter added to risotto or pasta delivers magnificent aroma and taste. Vegetables become unforgettable when seasoned with Urbani Truffle Butter. Perfect on fish and toasted b
Storage Keep Refrigerated, +4C

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