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5J Cinco Jotas Jamon Bellota Bone In Spanish Ham - 14.5lb pc

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5J Cinco Jotas Jamon Bellota Bone In Spanish Ham - 14.5lb pc


The unrivalled taste and quality of pure Iberian ham elevates 5J to a noteworthy position as the leader in the production of Iberico Bellota ham. It is located in the Southern Spanish town of Jabugo (ha-boo-go), a short distance from Seville, made famous for its unique micro-climate that is said to produce the best tasting hams in all of Spain. These Iberian pigs roam freely in the Picos Aroche National Park which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.Iberian pigs have long been exposed to cross breeding whether intentional or not, but the Spanish company of Sanchez Romero Caravajal (5J), is most distinguished for its pure breed of Iberico (black hoof) pig which they have been curing since 1879. This breed is prized for the fat accumulation that takes place each Fall during the Montanera fattening period when their diet consists solely of acorns and aromatic herbs. The exercise the pigs get while naturally foraging ensures that they fatten at a slower and natural rate and the accumulation is more even between their muscle fibers. The Maestro Jamoneros that constantly monitor the curing process begin the production by selecting only the best legs. The outer fat is then removed and the legs are salted, cleaned, weighed, dried, and cured in natural cellars. 5J ham has a velvety texture, divine taste, and distinct aroma that come from their pure breed, free roaming Iberian pigs from what is considered the perfect micro climate and one of the best preserved ecosystems in Europe.

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