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Auricchio Provolone Imported From Italy (Sold by the Pound)

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Auricchio Provolone  Imported From Italy (Sold by the Pound)


Auricchio Provolone cheese is made from the kneading and stretching of cow's milk curd. Aged Italian Provolone cheeses are so much more flavorful than standard issue provolone from the local grocery store, they really should have a different name! Aged for over a year, this succulent, sharp, buttery, flavor will keep you wanting more. Auricchio Provolone is the preferred provolone throughout Italy and the rest of the world. Perfect for pizza's, sandwiches, or just a snack. Imported Auricchio Provolone is a full fat cow's milk cheese. The taste of this Italian cheese varies with age, from mild to savory and hearty. Provolone is one of the most popular table cheeses and is excellent in salads and antipasto.

This Italian cheese originates in Casilli near Vesuvius. The term provolone (large provola) was first used in the 19th century when it was first being made. Provola is the same cheese, except smaller. Modern versions of provolone feature cow’s milk as the main ingredient. Provolone has varied taste, and can be made in varying ways. Piccante provolone is aged for at least four months to create a very sharp taste.

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