California White Sturgeon Caviar Tin, 7 oz

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United States

Like its Caspian counterparts, this grade of California Osetra has a jet black medium-size bead. Although slightly smaller in size than the royal grade, you will still enjoy the same buttery, smooth pop. A favorite among Chefs for its versatility with food and wine pairings. This caviar has topped everything from cauliflower panna cotta with shaved apple, potato gnocchi with lemon cream sauce to white chocolate wafers. Though this is the caviar we choose to eat simply on a spoon. Acipenser Transmontanous. In the wild the "white sturgeon" is home to the Eastern Pacific Ocean habitating the coast from the Alaska Bay to Monterey, CA, and spawning throughout the Columbia river and Sacramento Delta. This product is sustainably farmed in California at a closed-circulation facility similar to most aquafarms removed from natural water supplies. In captivity the "white sturgeon" is fully mature in 7 to 9 years, weighing on average 80 lbs. and 5 to 6 feet in length.