*Actual packaging may vary.Valuable piece of family Brugnoli, truffles selected specifically are cut and soaked in olive oil so as to be ready for use. They can be used for cooking and to decorate and enrich any simple recipe.
This cream of sundried tomatoes and black truffle is designed to reinforce some meat dishes with sauce. Excellent definitely also on bruschetta, cakes and drinks, is particularly suited to gain flavor all dishes of stewed meat, a spoon in 25/30 gr...
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This Truffle Honey is made of Honey, Tuber Aestivum Vitt, known as the summer black truffle, black truffle aroma. The honey has truffles inside of it, not just infused with the aroma.   Great uses are on buttered toast, or for dessert, thickened...
This cream takes the right balance between the black truffles and porcini mushrooms and is excellent for crostini, bruschetta, quiche, pasta also stuffed, red meat, game and fish roasted, boiled.
Simply olives, walnuts and truffles! Essential ingredients that should not be missing in any pantry. In addition to traditional uses, this cream can develop, flavor, invent and finally customize any simple dish, from aperitifs to cold side...
Cream of Mushroom Porcino. Condiment and ingredient extremely versatile, composed entirely of porcini mushrooms dipped in olive oil, great for all the recipes, especially to enhance dishes such as pasta, risotto and fish but also some simple side dishes...
Cream of asparagus with white truffle, is bound to food particularly fresh. Its use is recommended for fresh appetizers: risotto, pasta salad; for garnish and flavor cold meats like roast beef but also to color special dishes.
A flavorful concentrate extracted from Italian white truffles, this is an easy way to add truffle flavor to sauces, stocks and soups.
Albidum Pico, porcini mushrooms and mushrooms which makes this spread prestigious!  Its unique fragrance strong and determined and at the same time delicate and sophisticated, making it perfect with canapes , cakes, pasta, lasagna, pies, risottos, fish...
Mandorlive: A spreadable made with olives, almonds and white truffle. The product fits great with all summer dishes: appetizers, bruschetta, pasta and accompanies particularly delicate meats like veal, chicken, turkey and fish definitely boiled or baked.
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Whole Black Truffles preserved in water.