Light Color honey, This honey has a delightful taste and a great all around honey to use.
The blessed Cretan land generously offers us three, excellent in quality categories of honey, which are marked by strong flavor, eminent taste, high nourishing value and spare useful ingredients for the human body. Thyme honey in combination with the...
Sparta Gourmet's Kalamata Olive Paste is made from olives that are selected from the Olive Groves Seferli, located in Goritsa (a village outside the historic city of Sparta). They nurture their olives with care and harvest them by hand to ensure the...
An excellent and tasteful combination of two flavors of high nutritional value that help you start your day full of energy. Try Macedonian Tahini with honey on a slice of bread, toast, with breadsticks or cookies. Then your favourite breakfast will...
Made from Figs, glucose-fructose syrup, water, potassium sorbate, and citric acid. Made in Greece.