Pesto alla Genovese is remarkable when poured onto pasta as soon as it has been drained, by adding some extra virgin olive oil, it releases all the aroma of the basil. Best for 1st courses and to flavor minestrone or just about anything else!
Straight from the fertile soil of Italy, comes this premium line of Colavita Antipasti Marinated Vegetables. Adds an authentic Italian twist to your meals. Or enjoy as a satisfying snack.
This small Italian producer utilizes the finest from Italian culinary staples, fresh genovese basil, parmesan and romano cheeses, pine nuts, olive oil . These are crafted in small batches in classic Italian tradition.True genovese style Italian pesto...
The brand name "Trentasette" refers to the latitude of the Bologna region of Italy where this pesto is produced. The area surrounding Bologna is home to the Appenino mountains and a home to the often elusive truffle.Truffles are a perfect compliment to...
The famous ancient Genoa recipe made with basil plus delicious truffles. Try the Pesto and Truffles with linguini!