Chef's Mandala Barrel aged Blend Balsamic Vinegar 6.75 oz

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Ingredients Cooked Grape Must, Wine Vinegar. CONTAINS FLUFITES Producer Chef's Mandala is an Import company focuses on the high quality, imported gourmet foods that are among the best in their class, and offer very high value for their price. Product Description Aged 3 years in Oak barrels. Artisanal balsamic from Modena. made with cooked grape must. About The Production Production in Modena, Italy starting with grape must. Our balsamic vinegar is a high quality 3 years aged vinegar that can easily be incorporated into many different types of dishes. History The process of fermenting wine to make vinegar then again in oak barrels to provide great flavor is a tradition in Modena, Italy. Allergen Declaration List No Allergens