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F.lli Pinna Brigante with Truffles (Sold by the Pound)

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F.lli Pinna Brigante with Truffles (Sold by the Pound)

A unique, outstanding cheese, coming from the perfect blend of truffles and fresh Sardinian sheep’s milk. Thanks to its short ageing, this cheese develops a creamy consistency and an extraordinarily rich flavor, which is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Its persistent, deliciously sophisticated aroma, needs an elegant wine pairing. A glass of Champagne or sparkling, yet persistent, wine would definitely enhance the Italian refined personality of this cheese. Excellent to be eaten as is!

Type: Mild sheep’s milk cheese

Ingredients: 100% pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt (salted in brine), animal rennet, truffle (max 1%)

Allergens: Milk

General Handling Procedures: choose the least cold shelf in your fridge and wrap in plastic wrap to preserve its freshness

Nutrition facts: Serving Size: 1 oz Calories: 95 Calories from Fat: 71

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