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Giampaoli Gluten Free Pandoro - 400 g

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Giampaoli Gluten Free Pandoro

Gluten Free Pandoro. Naturally leavened oven baked cake. A Gluten Free twist on a favorite holiday treat.

Ingredients: natural yeast (water, gluten-free wheat starch, maize starch, powdered skimmed milk, icing sugar, vegetable fiber (psyllium and inulin), thickener: guar, hydroxy-propyl-methylcellulose; flavorings), maize starch, sugar, butter , eggs, egg yolk , fresh milk, powdered skimmed milk, glucose syrup, baking yeast, emulsifier: mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids, vegetable fibers (psyllium), thickener: guar, cocoa butter, salt, preservatives: sorbic acid, potassium sorbate; enzymes (amylases), flavors. Sugar Packet: icing sugar, maize starch, flavours.

It may contain traces of dried nuts.

Product subject to natural weight loss. Keep in a cold and dry place.

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