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Lumpfish Caviar - Dyed Red - 8oz

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Lumpfish Caviar - Dyed Red - 8oz

This Icelandic caviar comes from the lumpfish and is most notably known for the immediate burst of color it gives to any dish. Paramount offers this product in both black and red and recommends draining from original container to prevent color from transferring to food prior to serving.

    • Code: #209 ~ Red
    • Status: Wild
    • Common Name: Lumpfish Caviar
    • Latin Name: Cyclopterus lumpus
    • Color: Jet black or Vibrant red
    • Pearl Size: Small
    • Flavor Profile: Subtle flavor of brine
    • Place of Origin: Iceland
    • Shelf Life: 2 weeks refrigerated
    • Shipping: FedEx Priority
    • Disclaimer: The food dye that has been added to this product will bleed on to acidic foods, to avoid please drain excess and towel dry.

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