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  • New York Prime Meats

    Enjoy our fine and beautiful selection of New York prime meats and prime beef, ranging from beautiful USDA Choice grade beef to USDA Prime Lamb, and even the famous Smithfield Cooked Hams. Perfect items for grilling on a nice summer day, or roasting for a warm winter dinner.
  • Salumeria

    An authentic Italian Salumeria is one of those places you'd walk into and see hanging prosciutto hams, salami, and sausages from the ceiling. Though we can't offer you that amazing visual, we can offer you the flavor and quality of products from spreads, mustards, olives, foie gras, peppers, salame and the finest prosciutto!
  • Cheese

    Cheeses -- One of our bread and butter specialties. Ranging from a wide, international selection, we have the deliciously sweet and nutty tasting Cacio di Bosco Tartufo, to the freshest of fresh Ricotta, Mozzarella, and Burrata cheeses. Don't forget about our various butters and cooking mediums!
  • Caviar & Truffles

    We almost don't need to say anything here. Two types of items so exquisite, that they've gained their own category on Pastacheese. The delicate, earthy, taste of black or white truffles can be paired with pasta, sauces, cheeses, even fruit. Caviar, in it's own respect, can be served as is, or paired with cream cheese atop a hard cracker, or eggs, or even white chocolate!
  • Coffee & Beverages

    The perfect place to look for all your beverage needs. We have an extreme range of coffees for you to look through. We also carry beverage mixes, for that authentic taste for what you're making.
  • Home & Kitchen

    We know what it means to be a chef, and what it takes. You require the finest ingredients in making your food, and the finest tools in cooking it. Find colanders, pots, and pans perfectly tailored for your kitchen. For those baristas out there, we also offer some of the finest coffee and espresso machines in the world!
  • Spices & Herbs

    You're missing that extra kick to your sauce? Or a specific flavor from that perfectly cooked steak? Check through our selection of spices and dried herbs for the perfect flavoring you need to perfect your dish! From salts of every variety, pepper, and chili powders, to dried oregano, parsley, and rosemary, we have it all for you to browse through!
  • Baked Goods & Sweets

    Enjoy sweet, delectable, fine International sweets and baked goods. From chocolates, fruits, honeys, jams and sweet spreads, to panettones, pandoros, breads, biscuits, and crackers. We have items for every day of the year! Don't miss out on these exquisite items.
  • Home Cooked Meals & Soups

    Here at Pastacheese, we have our great chefs prepare the meals so you don't have to! Cooked in our kitchen with the flavor in mind, these meals are easily heated and served, and the best part is the cleanup.. Just throw out the disposable tin after you're done! Buon Appetito!
  • Oils & Vinegars

    Olive oil is almost an essential in great food… and what is olive oil without a good pairing of vinegar? We have everything for you here. Over a hundred varieties of olive oil and vinegars, we make sure we have the perfect flavor for the gourmet meal you will prepare!
  • Tomatoes & Sauces

    Tomatoes… our most versatile product in the store. Tomatoes can be used in pasta sauces, be made into ketchup, cooked with meats, used in salads, and much more. There is little you cannot do with tomatoes. And if you're not fond of them, we have other sauce for pasta just for you, including Pesto, Basil Tomato Sauce, Besciamella, and Panna sauces!
  • Gourmet Pasta

    Pasta… who doesn't love Gourmet pasta? Here at Pastacheese, we scour the earth for every type of fresh and dry pasta from name brands like Garofalo and Rustichella to imported Italian specialties such as Cipriani and Latini. Don't forget our fresh made pasta! Hand crafted with the finest ingredients, we put what we love into the artisan pasta, and that is flavor.
  • Grains & Legumes

    From rice to risotto mixes, from fava beans to polenta, and couscous to flours. We have a wide selection to help you make that beautiful pizza from authentic '00' flour, to making a beautifully delicious minestrone soup with our canellini beans.
  • Gifts & Baskets

    Need to give that special someone a special gift for a birthday? Give them a delicious gift basket from Pastacheese! After they are done enjoying the gourmet items, they can use and display our exquisite baskets they were delivered in!
  • Seafood

    They say that the Spanish have the most delicious and authentic tuna in the world… so we had to have it to offer it to you! We also have delicious authentic Italian anchovies and sardines, and even scungilli! Don't miss your favorite product here.